When the winter doldrums set in there is no better way to perk up the season than trying something new.  Here at Farmhouse we are excited to introduce three new amazing cheeses, Mimolette, Dragons Breath Blue and Laliberte are sure to stimulate the endorphins! Come on in for a sampling and guaranteed you will walk away with a smile on your face…..we like to call it “cheese euphoria”!


MIMOLETTE – Mimolette, also known as “Boule de Lille”  because of its distinctive shape is a French cows milk cheese with a natural rind that has been coated in wax before shipping. The bright orange colour comes from the addition of annatto during production. This gives the cheese a lovely nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness. Pairs beautifully with ice wines or lighter red wines.

DRAGONS BREATH BLUE – Dragons Breath Blue, a blue cheese made in Nova Scotia that has a very unique look. A small tennis ball sized cylinder that’s covered in black wax just waiting to be cracked open. It’s quite pungent once opened with a sharp robust flavour and a creamy smooth texture. Shrouded in secrecy the cheesmaker,  Willem van den Hoek, is tight-lipped about the exact process/procedures for making this bit of blue gold.

LALIBERTE – Laliberte is the reigning grand champion at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix this past year. This triple cream bloomy rind cheese is bursting with flavour. While it has the traditional decadence of triple cream cheeses and a silky smooth texture it also has complex notes of mushroom and sweet grass. Enjoy on a nice baguette with a glass of Riesling.



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