Special foodie alert!  If you love trying new foods then you MUST try this. Kampot Salted Pepper, a new product at Farmhouse Artisan Cheese, is the ultimate experience for pepper lovers. Harvested by hand before maturity, the corns are washed and blanched and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot sea salt. The crispiness of the grain and intense explosion of fresh pepper flavours in the mouth make this fresh salted pepper a unique product.

Can be crunched as an aperitif, alone or in accompaniment of your food du jour. Try sprinkling a couple of peppercorns on a small spoonful of maple caramel sauce for a for a little taste of heaven, or even with a slice of 6year cheddar (we have that too!). Impress your foodie friends and be the first to try this! #kampotsaltedpepper