Nothing is more fun for us than bringing in new cheeses. Check these out:

Guernsey Girl:
Sometimes the best part about making a grilled cheese sandwich is when the cheese meltsĀ onto the hot frying pan which you scoop up and quickly pop into your mouth, right? Unfortunately most cheeses aren’t meant to grill and end up being a big gooey mess, but not this one! This Grilling Cheese from the Upper Canada Cheese Company will have you snacking until the whole block is gone. As the outside caramelizes without the cheese melting the interior transforms into a delectable supple texture. Dip it like a french fry or just devour it all on its own, this cheese will have you wondering why you didn’t get more!

Niagara Gold:
A Semi-Soft Cheese made in Jordan Station, Ontario. This cheese is made exclusively from Guernsey cows milk and the recipe is based on those developed by the Trappist Monks of the Loire Valley. This cheese has nutty and earthy overtones with a blissful buttery finish. Try it paired with a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

Niagara Gold and Guernsey Girl