Canadians may not know this but Wisconsin is one of the nation’s leading dairy producers and is fondly known as “America’s Dairyland”. The state is particularly famous for its cheese so we are¬†thrilled to be able to bring in some exciting new cheeses from Roth Cheese.

“Prairie Sunset” is a best described as a classic table cheese that embodies it all – humble, friendly and reliable. Sweet, approachable flavours with undertones of butterscotch. Pair with apples, grapes, summer sausage, salami, amber ale,
brown ale or Pinot Noir

If you’re a blue cheese lover then get ready for a little slice of heaven with “Buttermilk Blue”, a rich creamy blue, beautifully balanced, sultry and seductive, with piquant and earthy flavours. Tangy with a touch of mellow and higher butterfat for the creamiest texture…..yummmmm!!! Pair with¬†raw veggies, figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate, yeasty dark beer, Riesling or even gin!