Yes, yes and yes, another delicious new product here at Farmhouse all the way from Wiltshire England. Ok so picture this….you started with an amazing cheeseboard full of triple creams, goudas and clothbound cheddars (all from Farmhouse of course), from there you’ve moved on to some sort of gastronomic delight main course. Then, while the coffee is brewing and the liqueurs are flowing, you lovingly dish out this amazing dessert cheese. The “ooohs”, “ahhhs” and “yummmms” will fill the room like a chorus of angels singing at candlelight. Here is the history as described by Coombe Castle Creamery. ” Edward the Explorer is the genius behind this curious combination, whilst hiking in Timbuktu he snacked on a piece of hard toffee, promptly followed by his cheese sandwiches and a light-bulb moment occurred! Following this serendipitous discovery, Peter (from Coombe Castle) mixed mild cheddar, toffee pieces, raisins, dates and toffee syrup to make this extraordinary cheese.”