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At Farmhouse Artisan Cheese, our cheeses are cut by hand to provide only the freshest product. While we strive to be as accurate as possible, just like in our shop the final cut pieces may vary a little in size and weight. While you shop, you can request a weight and we will show you the associated price for everything priced per 100 grams. When you place your order online, your card will be authorized for an additional 25% markup in order to accommodate variation between the weight ordered and the actual weight fulfilled.

On the day of pick-up or delivery, we assemble your order and weigh each item to determine its final price. At the time of final billing, it may appear as though there are two charges if the pre-authorization has not yet cleared from your statement. The majority of pre-authorizations clear within a matter of hours following the actual charge at the time of shipping. We believe you should pay for what you’re getting, and guarantee that you’ll always pay the price for the actual weight of your products.

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