Frutto D’Italia – Green Castelvetrano Olives


Also known as Nocellara del Belice, this olive variety is grown in the Valle del Belice region of southwestern Sicily. The Mediterranean climate and coastal breezes of this region provide the optimal growing temperatures needed for these olives, and they are typically harvested in September when the olives are young and crisp with a bright green colour. Packed without preservatives in a mild brine, these Castelvetrano olives feature a mild, buttery taste with a firm, crunchy pulp that separates easily from the pit. Their delicious flavour and premium appearance make them perfect for displaying on a charcuterie board alongside sheep’s milk cheeses, fresh mozzarella, and brie, as well as crisp white wines, such as a Sauvignon Blanc. These versatile olives are also perfect for adding to salads, pizzas, or plate with poultry, fish, or lamb entrees to accentuate their natural flavours. You can also use these olives as the perfect garnish to your top-shelf martinis, or simply to serve alone as an elegant and satisfying snack alongside an aperitif.

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